Most students will stay home, catch up on work during Spring Break


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Most AACC students say they’ll skip the beach this Spring Break and instead catch up homework and put in extra hours at their jobs.

D'Angelo Williams, Reporter

AACC students said they will stay at home during spring break next week.

In an informal poll of 32 students, 21 said they are staying in the state, while 11 said they plan to travel outside of Maryland.

“I’ll be in town,” Jaron Carroll, a first-year computer software engineering student, said. “Why? I have work. Also, a week is not enough time for me to get certain … things planned out.”

Last year, students told Campus Current they were staying home, studying, working jobs, catching up on homework, and avoiding catching COVID during spring break.

This year’s spring break is from March 21-27.

“Nothing fun,” Max Fleckenstein, a first-year psychology student, said. “I’m catching up on work because I’ve had a surgery so I’m kind of behind. 

Fleckenstein added he would be catching up on work and hanging out with his Labradoodle, Clovis.

Jenelyn Bueno, first-year graphic design student, said she will be working, too.

She said she has nothing else planned for her week off from school.

“My plan for spring break is to catch up and get ahead of all my classwork,” Thomas Boxall, a first-year general studies student, said. He said he is behind in his sociology class because of a delay in  getting his textbook for the class.

Not everyone is staying home, though.

Maddy Thomas, a second-year psychology student, said she’s going snorkeling in Antigua and babysitting.

“I’m a nanny actually [and] my nanny family is staying there for a while so I’m going to visit them.” 

Sierra Hoskins, a first-year transfer studies student, has planned some local fun.

“My plans for spring break is to make a lot of plans with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while, because I just got out of a toxic relationship and now I’m free and I can do whatever I want,” Hoskins said. “So, I’m going to take advantage of that freedom and I’m going to go have myself a good time.”

Jade Johnson, an AACC graduate, said she plans to hang out with friends “and mimosas.”

“I’m going to get brunch with a couple of my friends I haven’t seen and I’m mostly excited  to see] those friends,” she said.