37-year-old competes in Riverhawks’ upcoming golf season


Will Faulk

David Henderson (left) prepares for 2022 golf season.

Dan Elson, Editor-in-Chief

A 37-year-old who enrolled at AACC two years ago will play for the Riverhawks golf team this season.  

Second-year business administration student David Henderson said he started playing golf about five years ago.

“I think he has a lot of experience,” head coach Dave O’Donnell said. “[He] has played golf for a number of years and has the ability to learn from past mistakes. I think it’s great to have him here and I think he’ll be a great part of the team.”

Still, Henderson said he is “a little nervous … and still trying to prove myself to these guys. I feel like I have a leader role in the team.”

Henderson spent about 15 years as a lighting designer for concerts and other entertainment events until he lost his job during the pandemic.

“So, I kind of had to reassess my path in life, which kind of led me to go back to school part time, which is starting to ramp up now full time,” Henderson said. 

Henderson, who is one of eight golfers on the team, said his experience at the college is  “definitely different” and he is putting pressure on himself to perform this season, which starts March 26.

“I want to go out there and not only for myself, but representing the school and my teammates,” Henderson said. “I want to try to do as well as I can. … I want to try to prove to myself that I can play to a higher standard

Still, Henderson said he’s excited to play this season.

He also said playing for the team is a “unique experience.” 

O’Donnell said it’s an advantage to have Henderson on the team. 

Teammate Austin Smith, a first-year psychology student, agreed. 

“He has a lot of experience [and] a lot more life experience,” Smith said. 

Smith said having Henderson on the team is inspiring. 

“Having him on the team is great,” Smith said. “It’s a competitive team.”