Athletics adds 2nd trainer


Graig Bracey

Aaliyah Odom is AACC Athletics’ new associate trainer and strength and conditioning coach. She is the second athletic trainer on campus.

Dan Elson, Editor-in-Chief

AACC hired a former Clarion University soccer player as its second athletic trainer in February. 

Aaliyah Odom, the new associate athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach, said she is “big on prevention, evaluation, treating injuries and just kind of maintaining the health of the athletes and keeping the communication open … with coaches, parents [and] athletes … to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely.”

“It’ll be exciting to not only be able to help with the students’ injuries and just coverage on campus,” Odom said. “But also being able to help develop some strength and conditioning programs for the teams to hopefully help them to excel.”

AACC’s other athletic trainer is Amber Stanley, who is the coordinator of sports medicine and student athlete welfare. 

Odom worked as an athletic trainer for two Eastern Shore high schools after college before joining the Riverhawks, which she said “seemed like a good fit.”

“I had helped a few times at Anne Arundel Community College, prior to them putting out the position,” Odom said.

Athletic Director Duane Herr said it’s common for schools to have two athletic trainers. 

“We are one of the largest in terms of athletic departments and the number of programs that we offer,” Herr said. “We have 13 programs and over 150 student athletes that need support. So we’re just meeting the needs of our student athletes and our programs.”

Second-year nursing student Lacey Hinkle, a midfielder in lacrosse, said she is “thrilled” to have another athletic trainer at AACC. 

“I think that just having [one] more on board [and] getting trained by her [is] great,” Hinkle said.

First-year physical therapy student Eric Hall, an outfielder, said it benefits the college to have two athletic trainers. 

“So I think it’s pretty good because you know, having one, it’s a lot of work and [with] Amber, she’s running around a lot,” Hall said. “So it’s good to have a second one. And, you know, she could take care of the athletes if Amber is not here.”