Student Union gets new roof


Dan Elson

AACC will replace the 20-year-old roof on the Student Union building over the next couple of weeks.

Dan Elson, Editor-in-Chief

The Student Union building will get a new roof over the next few months.

The college will spend roughly $780,000 to replace the 20-year-old roof, according to Chet Lawrence, a project manager in facilities, planning and construction.

“[Roofs] just deteriorate over time,” Lawrence said. “It’s just like in your house or anything and if you don’t replace it, before it fails, then you’re going to have water getting in so we tend to replace these things.” 

He added, “That’s a reasonable price. It’s really based on the square footage and total scope of work. Some brickwork [and] sheet metal around the edges needs to be replaced. [It also] depends on the size of the building.”

During construction, the dining area inside the Student Union will close, while the Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli will remain open, Lawrence said.  

AACC has hired a roofing contractor to replace the roof by the end of June.

Parking on Ring Road will close during construction. 

Third-year nursing student Faith Campbell said a new roof seems like a safety feature. 

“So it’d be [great] to ensure safety of the students and then make sure there’s nothing getting in that shouldn’t be [in],” Campbell said. 

Second-year biology student Tiffany Bixler agreed.

“I don’t have to worry about [the roof] caving in,” said Bixler. 

Bixler also said she’s surprised and glad that the college will replace the roof.