Students agree with campus mask mandate


Ava Moore

First-year transfer studies students Arnold Beck and Kestrel Watson mask up before meeting on the Quad.

Ava Moore, Reporter

AACC students agreed Tuesday the college should require everyone to wear masks on campus.

In an informal poll of 50 students on the Arnold campus, 39 said they support the mask mandate, mostly because it allows them to feel safe attending in-person classes.

“It does make me feel safer that we do have to wear masks, because you never know,” Yaman Softo, a second-year public health student, said. “You can still get COVID with the vaccine.”

AACC issued a mask mandate in fall 2020 when a handful of students came back to campus after the college had gone all-virtual mid-semester in the spring.

Over the summer, the college lifted that mandate, but restored it before classes began this fall because of the Delta variant’s quick spread across the nation. The requirement is for indoors only.

“It’s still for the protection of us [and] everybody on campus,” Maggie Brown, a first-year communications student, said. “It’s part of my everyday life now.”

Still, half of the 50 students in the poll said they do not wear their masks when they are off campus.

Grace Collier, a first-year transfer studies student, said she doesn’t wear a mask unless she is in more populated areas. “But other than that,” she said, “no.”

Almost half of the students said Anne Arundel County should not put a county-wide mask mandate in place.

And 11 students in the informal poll said AACC should not have a mask mandate on campus.

“I just feel like I shouldn’t have to wear a mask if I’m vaccinated,” Zoe Kolat, a second-year paralegal studies student, said. “It is a little annoying that I have to wear a mask every single day.”