Spring break: Students plan to stay home, catch up on homework


Shutterstock photo by Yulia Panova

Students tell Campus Current they plan to hunker down at home over spring break and catch up on homework.

Dominic Salacki, Reporter

AACC students said this week they will spend next week’s spring break indoors at home catching up on schoolwork.

“I’ll probably stay home [because of] COVID and everything,” third-year business administration student Hannah Brown said. “I’ll try not to go out until it’s over.”

Brown, who works as a project manager Capital Forest Products, said she plans to get ahead on schoolwork over the break, while first-year biology and environmental science student Audrey Frye said she’ll use the time to catch up on all the homework she’s behind on.

“I think spring break is just going to be the same as every other week so far,” second-year transfer studies student Kat Roth said.

Still, Roth said she “can finally think about moving forward.  [We’re] starting to adjust to being able to live normally.”

Second-year computer science student Icram Doku agreed. She said she is going to “get out of the house” during the break.

“I’ve been stuck [indoors] for too long,” Doku said. “I’ve been waiting and anticipating [to get outside]. The temperature is getting a lot better and I’m happy and excited for it.”

Doku said she is at least 90% sure she will participate in outdoor excursions next week.

“I want to go out with my family and just eat at a restaurant,” Doku said. “[I want to] watch a movie, probably at a theater, and possibly meet up with my friends at their houses.”

And, like many others, she said she will spend at least some of her time doing homework.

While sixth-year music student Will Kuethe said he is usually quick with his homework, he will be staying home during spring break except when he is working at the Amazon Sort Center in Baltimore.

“I like working there,” Kuethe said. “It’s pretty fun and pretty easy,” Kuethe said.

Third-year creative writing student Leah Roche, who tested positive for COVID and quarantined for 10 days this semester, said she has decided to stay home to catch up on class work that she fell behind on while she was sick.

“I was really sick for a while,” Roche said. “I had a fever. I was really tired, and I kept getting headaches so I just really couldn’t do the work. My professors were really understanding with giving me an extension on the work.”

Roche is COVID negative now but still has symptoms, a lack of taste and smell.