SGA creates guidebook for The Nest 


Photo Courtesy of Ryan Kim

Student Government Association members created a Nest Guidebook for clubs and organizations.

Dominic Salacki, Advertising Manager

The Student Government Association haspublished step-by-step instructionsto help members ofstudentorganizations navigate The Nest,a websitededicated toclubs. 

According to SGAPresident and second-year environmental science student Ryan Kim,The Nest guidebook is50-pluspages. Itspurpose is to train clubofficersand advisers to use  

The Nest better. 

“For a very long time, all the clubs’ leaders and advisers have been having trouble with going through The Nest”to schedule and advertise student events and access club funding,Kimsaid. “This year[the SGA]thought to just create a guidebook for everyone.” 

According to Kim, AACC clubs struggle with the transition of leadership from year to year, leaving new club presidents and officers with many unanswered questions about how to successfully run their clubs. 

The information hasn’t always been passed on, so new club leaders might be in the blind,” Kim said. “[Using The Nest] can be complicated for some people.” 

Kim’s goal for the guidebook is to give club officers answers to their questions and reduce the need for training workshops. 

According to Kim,SGA emailedthe guidebookto everyclub president, vice president and faculty adviser. He said themanualeventually will be online. 

Chrystal Jones, president ofthe Gay-Straight Allianceclub and third-year elementary education student, told Campus Current many students—even those who are club officers or members—are unaware that The Next exists. “But having the guidebook really helps because we can  get to know it a lot better,” she said. 

“[The guidebook is] a really comprehensive list of everything that you’re able to do [on The Nest]. It is so organized and really helpful. It’s also super easy to read.” 

 Mariah Ashanti,president of the Active Minds club and first-year psychology student, calledthe new guidebook “intriguing.” 

 “[The guidebook could be] really helpful towards me,” Ashanti said. “I have never run for [club] president before and this is something new.”