AACC board of trustees to recruit new student member


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Student self-nominations for the position of student Board of Trustee member are open until Wednesday. Shown, fourth-year secondary education student Board of Trustee member Bri Barone.

Ryan Oberteuffer, Reporter

Students can nominate themselves as candidates for AACC’s Board of Trustees until Wednesday. 

 The eight-member Board of Trustees includes one student member who votes and serves a one-year term. 

 This year’s student trustee, Briana Barone, said the decisions she makes “speak … on behalf of the over 50,000 students enrolled at the college.” 

 After Barone’s term ends, the governor will appoint another student trustee on July 1. 

 To qualify for the position, a candidate must be an Anne Arundel county resident taking at least six credits and have a minimum 2.5 GPA. In addition, the new trustee must have 20 credits toward a degree or certificate by July 1. 

 To apply, students should go to The Nest homepage, and fill out the application form. 

 Barone, a fourth-year secondary education student, offered some advice to candidates: “Just make yourself available to listen to students and their concerns. Be willing to listen.” 

 And Barone said the student trustee needs to put in a lot of time to prepare for meetings. 

 “It’s a lot of reading,” she said. “If you don’t like reading, I promise you’re probably going to have a little bit of a hard time.” 

 Students who attended an information meeting on Wednesday said they would like to apply for the position. 

 “As a college we always want what’s best for the student body as a whole,” Jameira Eades, a business student and student ambassador, said. “There is no other way to represent students and ensure their voices are heard than to have a student be a part of the Board of Trustees.” 

Another potential candidate, first-year culinary student Jordan Foley, said he would use his position to try to help veterans on campus. 

Honoring our veterans is important. Honoring their spouses is important,” Foley said.