AACC Wins American Graphic Design Awards

Miguel Valarino, Reporter/Photgrapher

Anne Arundel Community College’s Creative Services won seven
certificates of excellence from the American Graphic Design Awards this

Since 1963, the Graphic Design USA magazine has sponsored the American
Graphic Design Awards to reward the most creative minds in the graphic
design community.

This illustrious national competition receives over 8,000 entries annually,
and only a 15% of them receive a Certificate of Excellence. This year, the
Anne Arundel Community College Creative Services team had outstanding
participation, receiving a total of 7 awards.

Describing the selection process, Allison Ernst, assistant director of the
Creative Services group, expressed that, “each project truly is a team
victory…We look back over our work for the year and pull out what we are
most proud of. From our selected projects, we narrow down our pool further
and elect to submit what we believe to be our strongest, most competitive
designs for judging.”

The American Graphic Design Awards are highly coveted in the graphic
design profession. Because it is a national competition, AACC competed not
only against other academic institutions, but also against bigger firms such
as Apple, Microsoft, and Best Buy. “It’s such an honor to have AACC
singled out among such prestigious organizations,” exclaims Ernst.

“For our team to win these awards,” she continues, “it gives us not only a
sense of personal pride, but of institutional pride. Anne Arundel truly does
provide a high level of opportunity, unique professional experiences, and an
extraordinary instruction to our students.”

For more information about the Creative Services team at AACC and the list
of awards received, please go to