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‘Family’ arrives on AACC stage

The cast of “The Addams Family” rehearses the show’s dances throughout the month leading up to its March 31 opening in Kauffman Theater.

Jymyaka Braden, Entertainment Editor

March 1, 2017

A new musical is coming to AACC at the end of March, blending music, comedy and a classic tale. “The Addams Family” theater production is a song-and-dance version of the adventures of a family that was introduced in the 1930s, beginning as a series of cartoons drawn by Charles Addams of The New...

Magician enthralls audience

Magician enthralls audience

Elizabeth Spearman, Campus Life Editor

February 27, 2017

Campus Activities Board brought an "America’s Got Talent" finalist magician to AACC on Feb. 24. The magician Mike Super's first trick was having someone from the audience crush an empty coke can, which he then straightened out--without touching it--with the motion of his fingers. For his next...

Cafe Artist Series begins with a fresh voice

Cafe Artist Series begins with a fresh voice

Jami Gotay, Reporter

February 7, 2017

An aspiring musician performed for AACC students on Feb 6 in the first Café Artist Series. AACC’s Campus Activities Board event hosted Abe Parker, a traveling guitarist and songwriter. Parker performed songs about love, family, and not giving up on dreams. Parker sang more than five original...

Magic Flute performance ends

Magic Flute performance ends

Britney Pieraldi, Photo Editor and Graphic Designer

February 6, 2017


Opera club plays Magic Flute

The Magic Flute production blends humorous and serious dialogue with operatic performances.

Brad Dress, Associate Editor

February 2, 2017

AACC’s Opera Club blended music and live theater in a rendition of a Mozart classic on Feb. 1. The near three-hour performance of The Magic Flute also had elements of comedy and a full story, as well as a complete cast of actors. One of the main elements, however, was opera. Each main character...

Mozart classic comes to AACC

The Magic Flute production combines a narrative story with spoken word and operatic music written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Jymyaka Braden, Reporter

February 1, 2017

AACC’s Opera Club is preparing to bring Mozart’s The Magic Flute–hailed as one of the greatest operas he ever composed–to the college in January. The production combines the narrative storytelling of writer Emanuel Schikaneder with Mozart’s opera. The show will feature both operatic singing...

Professor edits, plans book on environment

Dr. Susan Cohen's new book includes a collective of 22 submitted essays.

Brad Dress, Associate Editor

February 1, 2017

Millennials believe it’s time to stop damaging the environment—before it’s too late, according to a new book edited by an AACC English professor. The book, “Coming of Age at the End of Nature: A Generation Faces Living on a Changed Planet,” is an anthology—a collection of writings by young...

AACC dance company performs fall recital

AACC dance company performs fall recital

Elizabeth Spearman and Photo by Zach Tennant

December 8, 2016

AACC’s Dance Company put on their fall performance, “Wild Ride” through the weekend of December 2 & 3. The show was split into two acts, and featured company routines that took place in prison and dance club-type settings. The prison routine began the first act of the show. The routine show...

Opera or rock? 2-in-1 night

Opera or rock? 2-in-1 night

Jesse Johnson, Associate Editor

November 30, 2016

AACC’s Opera Club hosted the History of Rock Opera production Nov. 19. to a crowd of 300 people. The show offered an in-depth look at the history of rock opera—or a rock group’s way of telling a story with multiple songs. The opera was written entirely by the conductor, Douglas Brandt Byer...

AACC fashion trending

Sophomore Britney Pieraldi likes wearing patterned leggings.

Khadean Coombs, Entertainment Editor

November 30, 2016

Students at AACC are wearing printed leggings to keep stylish this semester. Designs such as elephants and floral prints adorn these leggings, and students have found them to be the most durable pants they own. All Fashion and Makeup, a beauty website, found that skinny pants with large and colorful...

Ken Kewley speaks on creativity at AACC

Ken Kewley speaks to students in the CADE building.

Gabriella Flores, Reporter

November 21, 2016

On Nov. 16, artist Ken Kewley held a talk in the CADE building on the subject of art’s influence. Throughout the talk, audience members asked about Kewley’s thoughts on the importance of free reign over creativity. He stressed the composition of all aspects in life. “The world is much more...

Theater puts on In Love and Warcraft performance at AACC

The actors of In Love and Warcraft in full costume for their performance.

Khadean Coombs, Entertainment Editor

November 9, 2016

AACC's Performing Arts’ fall production, "In Love and Warcraft" closed on Sunday, Nov. 6. The performance follows Evie, played by Natalie Nankervis, who is a college student, video game addict and love expert, and offers her advice to help couples get back together. However, Evie avoids love herself,...

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