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Nyia Curtis is involved with six different clubs.

Current Perspective: Failure feeds passion

Nyia Curtis , Guest Columnist March 31, 2017

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” For me, passion equals greatness. I learned that after I dropped out...

Mark Davis has lived in Maryland since the beginning of the semester.

Current Perspective: Settling into America

Mark Davis, Guest Columnist March 1, 2017

I arrived in the U.S. from my homeland in England a few months ago. My plan: to try everything. I’ve yet to have any Maryland crab cakes, which I’ve been told are the best in the country. I’m...

Students who seek change in society must be ready to go out and achieve it for themselves.

AACC community should seek to stay unified in coming year

Campus Current Staff March 1, 2017

For anyone who has been near any kind of media since the beginning of the year, you know that the country that we live in has gone through some changes that for some, may not be smooth, and for others,...

The AACC Arnold campus sheds its fall coat as the seasons change.

Campus Current cherishes our environment; just take a look

Campus Current staff February 1, 2017

There are soaring trees and beautiful brick buildings, lined and well-kept walkways, arching statues of art, and gazebos for students to flock to and converse with their friends. This description details...

Student Government Association Vice President Francheska Salazar describes being a student-veteran.

Current Perspective: From the Navy to AACC

Francheska Salazar , Guest Columnist February 1, 2017

In my 13 years serving as a translator in the U.S. Navy, I had the great fortune of serving both stateside and overseas. It was difficult transitioning to student life. I found myself feeling lost without...

Current Perspective: Why I voted for Donald Trump

Current Perspective: Why I voted for Donald Trump

Piper Lewis, Digital Editor January 27, 2017

I registered to vote when I was 15, eager to affiliate with the Republican Party. Since third grade, I have observed what is going on around me in the political world. I remember the 9/11 attacks and...

Campus Current staff has tips for surviving the spring semester

Campus Current staff has tips for surviving the spring semester

Campus Current staff January 18, 2017

Welcome back to AACC; we know the fall semester of 2016 was a rough one, according to social media. Here at Campus Current we have come up with a few tips to not only help you survive this spring semester,...

Mark Jacoby gives his point of view on being a student athlete at AACC.

Current Perspective: A student athlete’s life

Mark Jacoby, Guest Columnist November 30, 2016

I’m a student athlete. It’s a balancing act. I have to schedule my classes to accommodate soccer practice and games. Sometimes I have to miss soccer practices because of a required class. Luckily...

Campus Current editors and reporters meet every Thursday at 3:15 to pitch story ideas.

Campus Current is here for the truth; here’s how you can help

November 30, 2016

We at Campus Current understand that the students, faculty and administration aren’t used to having us around, and that’s OK. After not having a traditional newspaper on campus for more than a year,...

First Time voter Jessica Lease relaxes in the quad.

Current Perspective: New voter: ‘It’s my right’

Jessica Lease, Guest Columnist October 31, 2016

I am 19 years old and a sophomore at AACC. This year’s election will be my first time voting. I am going to vote because I have the right to vote. I am a strong believer in using that right because...

Students gather with friends in the Student Union building to play the fantasy-inspired card game, Magic: The Gathering.

On campus you’re bound to find your sense of self, personality

October 31, 2016

We all went through high school with people who may have been a little out of the ordinary with their approach to being social. They may have sat at a different lunch table, worn different clothes, shown...

Student-mother Johnie Perkey gives her view of being a student at AACC.

Current Perspective: Boxer, mother, student

Johnie Perkey, Guest Columnist September 30, 2016

I’m a mom/student. Challenging isn’t a strong enough word for it. Have you ever gone too far out into the ocean, and the waves start beating the crap out of you, and you get really scared and pray...

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