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Students should remain open to different majors and challenge any fears they may have of changing career paths.

Students should choose paths and majors wisely

Editorial Board January 22, 2020

Many students arrive at AACC with their minds made up about what they would like to do for the rest of their lives. But it’s a good idea to look around once you get here, try something new and pursue...

Third-year communications student Kaitlyn Walton says to keep giving once the holidays pass.

This holiday season, volunteer your time

Amber Nathan, Editor-in-Chief December 3, 2019

I find giving is often more satisfying than getting. This holiday season, get into the spirit of giving and watch your happiness skyrocket. One way to do this is by volunteering time and resources...

Campus Current Editor-in-Chief Amber Nathan says she enjoys the holiday season.

Enjoy traditions this holiday season

Amber Nathan , Editor-in-Chief December 3, 2019

I love the weeks leading up to Christmas. As soon as Thanksgiving passes, I have my Christmas playlist at the ready. I’m already planning what cookies I’m going to bake. I’m already planning what...

Part of good communication is making sure your emails and other forms of written communication are error free.

Practice good communication

Editorial Board December 3, 2019

Communication is an essential skill in life. It’s what brings people together, develops relationships and gets us ahead in the working world. Today, it’s easy to communicate quickly. Emails, texts...

Amber Nathan, Campus Current Editor-in-Chief, shares her perspective about being old-fashioned.

Be accepting of older books, media

Amber Nathan , Editor-in-Chief November 1, 2019

A lot of people call me old-fashioned. It’s an ongoing joke among my friends that I’m 42, not 19. I guess you could call me “an old soul,” given my taste in music and literature. I prefer swing...

Being grateful can improve your quality of life.

Stay grateful this Thanksgiving

Editorial Board November 1, 2019

Thanksgiving is coming up fast. A lot of us are already looking forward to a turkey dinner with family and wondering which desserts will be on the menu. But while food is a great part of the holiday,...

Amber Nathan, Campus Current editor-in-chief, encourages everyone to read more to enhance creative thinking and imagination.

Read more, enhance imaginative thinking

Amber Nathan, Editor-In-Chief October 1, 2019

I’ve noticed that my friends and classmates don’t read much these days, and that’s a shame. Back in the day—as my parents like to say—more people carried books with them. Now we carry our cell...

As the fall semester progresses, students should be sure to balance work and fun.

Enjoy season, stay balanced

Editorial Board October 1, 2019

Fall is here, and it is both a beginning and the end. It is the beginning of a new semester at AACC, and the end of summer. Classes are going full swing. The parking lots are full and the...

Students should scrub their social media posts if any of them contain comments or photos that may affect their future job prospects.

Social media affects image

September 27, 2019

Growing up, I didn’t have to worry about the repercussions of someone snapping an image of me and posting it online. Employers couldn’t judge me based on what skimpy outfit I decided to wear to...

Amber Nathan, Campus Current editor-in-chief, says to look at all available sources and information before deciding who to vote for in the 2020 presidential elections.

Look for factual info so you’ll vote wisely

Amber Nathan, Editor-in-chief August 21, 2019

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, we should all prepare to vote wisely. In this day and age, information on the candidates is available at the click of a mouse or a quick...

Give everyone a voice

Give everyone a voice

Editorial Board August 21, 2019

We’re coming back to school this fall during a time of great political divide. Let’s work to give everyone we meet here a voice, even if we don’t agree with them. It’s easy for political discussions...

Campus Current recommends using the summer as an opportunity to set goals for after graduation.

’19 graduates: Set new goals

April 30, 2019

As Riverhawk graduates fly into summer, we should reflect on our time at AACC and redefine ourselves before heading to four-year universities. Instead of viewing graduation as the end of an era, graduates...

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