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Second-year entrepreneurship student Kaylah Rashid
and second-year information systems student Kevin
Lemus try on their graduation regalia.

Congrats to our 2022 grads

Editorial Board May 16, 2022

Dear Riverhawks Class of 2022: Campus Current congratulates you for completing two years of community college under the worst possible circumstances. We congratulate you for sticking to your studies...

AACC reached a milestone in 2021: its 60th birthday at a time when COVID-19
prevented in-person celebrations. Shown, the Arnold campus in 1966.

AACC reaches 60th birthday

Editorial Board May 15, 2022

The 60th anniversary of AACC has come and gone and because of COVID-19, there was no proper celebration.  That doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate six decades of our college’s history and success...

Laniya Harris says taking a break from school can be
good for a students mental health.

Mental health is top concern

Laniya Harris, Reporter May 15, 2022

Taking time out of your busy day to just think and try to understand what you are feeling is important during a time when life seems more stressful than usual for us students. I know from personal experience...

One year ago, Zack Buster was a high school student working at Chick-fil-A. Now
hes the associate editor of Campus Current.

Workers: Keep your minds open

Zack Buster, Associate Editor April 26, 2022

This time last year, I was a high schooler working at Chick-fil-A.  Getting threatened by customers over cold fries may not have seemed like a valuable life experience, but making sure they walked...

Jayden Flood says his 
first year of college isnt going as expected.

2 years of COVID-19 takes toll on HS grad

Jayden Flood, Reporter April 13, 2022

I’m a first-year student at AACC, and this semester has been a lot for me already. Not only is it my first-ever semester as a college student, it’s the first time in two years that my classes aren’t...

Adventure Society club members take a camping trip
to Shenandoah National Park in fall 2021.

Students: Start some clubs

Editorial Board April 7, 2022

Our campus used to have almost 100 clubs, but now we have only about a dozen. That’s only 12% of what we had.  Let’s get back to that. Let’s get plugged in with each other again. Let’s get...

Up close shot of a doctor holding a syringe.

Mandate for vaccine? Yes!

Editorial Board January 24, 2022

The COVID-19 virus has affected all of us in one way or another, which is why AACC should require that all students have the COVID vaccine in order to attend classes in person. With school starting back...

Maggie Brown posing for a picture.

Student-mom: 5 tips for life

Maggie Brown, Reporter January 24, 2022

I am a mom and a student who is involved in campus life. My schedule can sometimes become hectic. Even if you’re not a mom, your schedule as a student may be hectic, too. I have found some ways...

Campus Currents editor-in-chief finishes his term with a letter of gratitude to the people on campus who helped him throughout the semester.

Editor-in-chief says good-bye with gratitude for Campus Current role

Dominic Salacki, Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2021

 While Aug. 30 was only about three and a half months ago, this entire semester seemed a bit longer than any other I’ve spent at AACC, for good reasons. Today, I am completing my run as Campus Current’s...

Campus Current Editor-in-Chief Christian Richey would like to see more positive events during the school’s Black History Month celebrations.

Let’s embrace black history

Christian Richey, Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2020

While I appreciate the college’s efforts, I feel AACC needs to do a better job representing its African-American student body during Black History Month. In the Pascal Gallery in the Student Union...

Students who register to vote could affect the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

Students can change the world through voting

Editorial Board March 2, 2020

The 2020 presidential election is getting closer every day, and it already feels stressful as we wait to see who will challenge the president. If you’re not registered to vote or have been hesitant...

Students should consider giving spare change to charity, as every little bit helps make a difference, says staff columnist Mackenzie Airey.

Small donations add up big

Mackenzie Airey, Graphics Editor January 22, 2020

Small donations can make a big impact when it comes to raising money for charities and disaster victims. Your dollar or handful of change may not seem like a lot, but when you add it to everyone else’s,...

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