Theatre Club scares students with Haunted Theater tour


Gerald Maravanyika

Actors try to scare students as they walk through the haunted theater.

Jacob Dear, Reporter

The Theatre at AACC club hosted a haunted house on Thursday where acting students chased and scared attendees in a haunted tour.

During the Haunted Theatre Fundraiser, organized at the Pascal Center for Performing Arts, attendees entered the Kauffman Theater as if going to a play.

The actors dressed in zombie-like costumes, then jumped out and chased the tour-goers to the stage. During the tour, the lights were switched off, simulating a power outage and causing the tour guide to pretend to go fix the lights.

The actors then pretended to “kill” the tour guide before chasing attendees out of the theater.

Logan Spates, a second-year theater student, helped lead the event.

“The actors helped to plan the storyline,” Spates said. “It’s not all just me; I’m just unofficially officially in charge of it.”

Students said they like the haunted house.

“I thought it was fun,” Amanda Troncale, a first-year art transfer student, said. “I’m a huge theater nerd and I was really excited to see how they utilized the stage and made it into a haunted house.”

Tickets sold for $5 and children entered free.