Some AACC attendees want black clubs, reps


Tyreesha Bolton

Some students say they want the college to create a Black Student Union.

Tyreesha Bolton, Reporter

Black AACC students said they don’t know if the college has organizations exclusively for them, according to an April 4 poll.

In an informal poll of 26 students on the Arnold Campus, six said they believe AACC has organizations for black students, six said it does not, and 14 said they don’t know.

“I haven’t even really looked into [black organizations at AACC] but I don’t think there’s a Black Student Union here, is there?” asked second-year transfer studies student Royal Snyder.

AACC does not have a BSU.

“I would definitely join if there was [a BSU]. … I think everyone would,” said second-year pre-med student Precious Mensah.

Fourteen students said they would join organizations for black students if they existed.

Of the 16 Maryland community colleges, 10 have student-led clubs specifically for black students while six, including AACC, do not.

“It would be nice to meet other black students that go here,” Snyder said. “Maybe they have the same classes or same interests as me. That would be nice.”

According to the American Association of Community Colleges, 13 percent of AACC students are black.

“Where do the black people hang out on campus?” questioned first-year nursing student Martaysha Dorsey. “I look for them.”

And second-year nursing student Kelvin Ofili questioned why there “isn’t black anything.” Ofili said it is important for black students to talk about the black experience with each other.

But some in the poll said they might not participate even if AACC had organizations for black students.

Second-year transfer studies student Gloria David said she’s busy with work. David said she comes to

AACC for her class, but leaves campus right after it’s over.

“My top priority is schoolwork and then fun, maybe,” second-year transfer studies student Ava Porter added.