College appoints new head of continuing ed


courtesy of public relations

College officials chose Kip Kunsman as the new dean of continuing education in April.

Sarah Noble, Daily Editor

AACC’s new dean for continuing education and workforce development said he will focus on offering courses that are relevant to the community.

Kip Kunsman, who served as the interim dean for eight months, started as the department’s full-time dean on April 16.

Kunsman described continuing education as classes that serve members outside of AACC, like children in the Kids in College program, or seniors in personal enrichment classes.

“My most immediate need is … making sure what we’re offering the community is relevant,” he said.

Before the college hired him as the full-time dean, Kunsman worked as the director of workforce solutions on the Glen Burnie campus starting in 2006, and then he moved to continuing education in 2011.

Workforce development focuses on developing business certificate programs at AACC, which he said “upgrades skills of the current worker to make them more successful.”

To accommodate new certifications, Kunsman is leading the planning committee for the new Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades Building, which will open in 2021.

The building will support students who are studying trades, such as electrical engineering or plumbing.