College offers virtual advising


Daniel Salomon

Reporter AACC offers advising via video-conferences for students who can’t travel to campus to see an academic adviser in person.

Tyreesha Bolton, Reporter

AACC students who can’t visit campus to see an adviser can make advising appointments virtually.

Academic adviser Jill Nagiel said she started testing the program last fall to make it easier for students with busy schedules to see advisers.

“It just seemed like we had a lot of students that needed support, but weren’t able to come to campus,” Nagiel said.

Students who want to make a video appointment with an adviser can email Nagiel directly at advising@

Some students said they would prefer virtual advising over driving to campus.

First-year exercise science student Emma Tvelia said she lives on Kent Island so it’s not a quick trip for her to get to campus, so virtual advising would be a more convenient option.

“A lot of people work, so they have to leave right after they get out of class,” Tvelia said.

The virtual advising program uses a virtual-conferencing software called Zoom, which allows video-chatting and screen sharing among tablets, desktops and smartphones.

“It’s not like you need an account … or you need to watch 10 different videos to know how to do it,” Nagiel said about the new program.

Nagiel said the response from students has been positive.

“We’ve had more than 150 virtual advising sessions since we started,” she said. “There have only been about four that students were not able to attend.”

“I hate when I have a question about something … but I have work that day or class,” third-year dental hygiene student Phoebe Blaber said.