Entrepreneurial Studies Institute holds HawkTrade for small businesses


Lindey Gapsis

HawksTrade transformed the Hawk’s Nest in SUN into a bazaar for the entrepreneurial students.

Lindey Gapsis, Daily Reporter

Entrepreneurship students had the opportunity to show off their businesses at an event in the SUN Dining Hall at the HawkTrade last Thursday.

Stephanie Goldenberg, a professor in the business management and entrepreneurial studies institute, set up the event as a service-learning project for her class ESI 104: Entrepreneurship: Sales and Marketing for Small Business.

“We held HawkTrade as an opportunity for our student businesses to exhibit what they’re selling; to do concept testing; to get feedback on their products or services … to make some money,” Goldenberg said.

There were a variety of businesses selling items like cake, jump ropes, floral arrangements and health coaching.

Goldenberg gave students the opportunity to not only participate in the event but to contribute in another way.

“It was really great for them to practice what they were learning in the class and that’s really the beauty of service learning and that’s why I always include it in the classes,” she said.

B Good is an undeclared student in ESI 104 who promoted his business Tribe Strength.

“I work with individuals, mostly small groups. What we’re trying to do is develop an awareness of importance of helping one another in the community,” Good said.

“I want people to be stronger. I want people to be smart about the way they live their lives,” he said.

Marie Cris Garay is first-year baking and pastry arts student, said she was glad she attended the event

“One of my friends invited me to join this so I could grow, and I could experience this. This is amazing,” She said.