Active Minds club meets to discuss impact of social media


Active Minds club meets together to discuss different topics and how they change our wellbeing.

Lindey Gapsis, Daily Reporter

AACC students discussed the effects of social media on self-esteem at an event on Tuesday, April 9.

Active Minds at AACC is an organization dedicated to mental health awareness and education advised by AACC professor Denise Portis.

Esther Kuhnert, the club’s president, said the club’s purpose is to raise awareness on mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

“Our big thing is breaking the stigma, I want to be a part of that and raising awareness on campus so other kids know that they’re not alone,” Ciara Winters, a third-year nursing student said. “Everyone gets to socialize, and we make a lot of really good relationships here.”

At the meeting the group watched videos and handed out questions to hold a group discussion.

Winters said the group discussed the different kind of perceptions of social media.

Kuhnert then touched on what she thinks students took from the meetings.

“It’s kind of like a DIY support group. The students get to discuss things, feel encouraged from other people and just kind of learn from each other,” the second-year communications student said.

The club meets next on April 23 in Humanities 100.