Campus Current Player of the Week:

Alexis Heverly


Come out April 8th to see Heverly and the rest of the Women’s Lacrosse team play against Harford Community College.

Philip Van Slooten, Reporter

Alexis Heverly, first-year transfer studies student, scored three goals in two games last week while playing defense for the Riverhawks women’s lacrosse team.

Heverly, who normally plays defense for AACC Women’s Lacrosse, scored three goals per game in both of the Riverhawks games last week against Howard Community College and CCBC Essex.

AACC Women’s Lacrosse won both of those games with a 22-7 win over Howard Community College on March 28 and a 17-9 win over CCBC Essex on March 26.

“I think having good chemistry with my teammates really contributed to that,” Heverly said. “It helped me be in a better mindspace, keep my head in the game, and stay focused.”

Heverly had one goal prior to those games in a 20-3 win against Potomac State College of WVU on March 23.

Though Heverly is still a freshman, she’s been playing lacrosse since kindergarten.

“In high school I played attack,” she explained. “But now I’m playing both [defense and attack]. It’s different.”

Heverly stated that being able to play multiple positions gives her an edge, but she still has room to grow and develop.

“I always think I need to play really hard and make opportunities for my teammates as well as for myself,” she said.

Areas she feels she needs to work on during practice include, “being open and being able to get the ground balls.”

For their next game, Heverly stated she wants “to be more on my defense. I keep getting beaten on my 1 v 1s and I want to improve on those.”

Heverly’s drive to score goals, play multiple positions, and “make opportunities” for her teammates make her this week’s Campus Current’s Player of the Week.

AACC Women’s Lacrosse will play their next game on April 8 at Harford Community College at 6 p.m.