Riverhawk captains to prep teams for season


Blake Rebstock (left), a second-year criminal justice student, and Darius Brook, a first-year business student, are captains of AACC Baseball.

Arianna Beers, Sports Editor

The captains of the Riverhawks’ spring sports teams said they plan to use communication on the field and keep their players focused in practice to make this season successful.

Baseball captains Blake Rebstock and Darius Brook said they show their leadership through keeping practices organized.

“I lead by doing my job, really,” Brook, a first-year business administration student, said. “I just try to keep everybody in check so we can be great every day.”

Before attending AACC, Brook played baseball for 11 years and won the baseball state championships with his Digital Harbor High School varsity team.

Rebstock, a second-year criminal justice student, played on Chesapeake High School’s varsity baseball team before coming to AACC. Rebstock said communicating with his teammates on the field is important for the team to be successful.

“Our end goal is to be successful in the playoffs,” Rebstock said. “I mean baseball season is a marathon. It’s a lot of games, so we just take it one game at a time to help us work towards that end goal.”

Softball captain and second-year nursing student Katie Rosati leads her all-freshman team this year. Despite being the only returning player, Rosati said she has faith in her talented young team.

“My roles are to communicate the [things] that the coaches need done, and I would say just giving experience and helping the girls figure out what our routine is,” Rosati said. “If they need any help figuring something out, they ask me questions, whether it’s grades or about something on the field.”

AACC’s Men’s Lacrosse captains this spring are Joey Niles, Jordan Kopf and James Dipietro.

Kopf, a second-year transfer studies student, played lacrosse at Annapolis high school before coming to AACC. He said he uses his leadership role as an offense captain to keep the team organized and focused at practice.

“I guess I’ve always felt I was a leader,” Kopf said. “I try to lead by example and I am one of the most vocal guys on the field.”

Niles, a second-year transfer studies student, played lacrosse at Northeast High School before coming to AACC. Niles said as a captain he makes sure his teammates are keeping up with the pace of practice and keep a high energy on the field.

Golf captain and second-year business student Michael Weller played at South River High School before he came to AACC. Weller said he plans to encourage his teammates to keep trying to get better because having a positive mindset is important in golf.

“I think [I became captain] mainly because I have the experience,” Weller said. “I’m the only returning golf player for this upcoming season. I feel that [golf] is more of a mindset kind of sport, having the mindset to keep trying and to hit good shots.”

Baseball kicked off the spring season with a win and two losses in a tournament against Suffolk Community College. Men’s Lacrosse began its season on Feb. 23 with a loss to Onondaga Community College. Softball, Golf and Women’s Lacrosse will begin their seasons in March.

“Being a good captain is about just being in everyone’s ear and trying to make sure teammates are on the same page,” former AACC lacrosse player Charlie Ellis, who now plays at Guilford College, said. “Also just to keep the motivation and morale up on the field and in the locker room.”