Adjunct offers start-up tricks

Alexandra Radovic, Editor-in-Chief

An AACC entrepreneurship instructor said any student interested in starting a business should prepare to work hard, seek mentoring and get involved on campus.

Adjunct instructor Candice Pruett, who teaches Introduction to Entrepreneurship, suggested that would-be business owners meet regularly with a faculty adviser. “It keeps you accountable,” said Pruett, who helps students start up their companies.

“You’re going to fail 10 times before you succeed, but you have to keep pushing,” added Pruett, a small business consultant for Anne Arundel County.

Pruett also advised students to improve their communication skills.

“You have to know how to talk to people and know who your target customer is and what their needs are, because it’s always changing,” Pruett said.

To keep organized, Pruett said she recommends students verify their businesses on Google, so they can create a free website where people can leave their reviews and comments.

If students need a place to start their businesses, Pruett said to get involved in The Hatchery in Careers 326. This is an incubator or space where student entrepreneurs can test their ideas.

Pruett also recommended joining the E-Club for student entrepreneurs. The club teaches students the skills and resources they need to kick-start their businesses.

The club sponsors an annual Best of Business Big Idea Virtual Pitch Competition, which Pruett also said she recommends as a good first step for any student who needs some help putting a business idea into motion.