Korean club hosts tea party on the Quad

Lakeesha Kenney, Reporter

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AACC students attended a tea party on the Quad on April 26.

Students drank tea and ate rice cakes while the Korean Culture Club, which hosted the event, shared information about the teas served and the benefits of drinking them.

For example, club president Joe Foughty, a third-year business administration student, said one of the teas “helps with respiratory problems,” while another, he said, “helps with hangovers.”

“I love how friendly the hosts are,” Lizzy Overton, a second-year psychology and world studies student, said “I want to explore as much of the world as I can, so this gives me a small taste, literally speaking, of seeing what types of goods or delicacies they have in Korea.”

Gabrielle Flores, a second-year business student and the vice president of the Korean Culture Club, said the purpose of the event was to promote the club. The goal of the club, she said, is “spreading different parts of Korean Culture than what a lot of people know, which is just like K-POP.”

Foughty said he founded the club to give more choices for people to learn about other Asian cultures such as Korean and Japanese.

“This is the first time we’re doing this, so I guess it’s the turnout and like people that wouldn’t normally come to our meetings,” Flores said. “They come and learn more about what they have in Korea.”

She added that she enjoys giving food away.