Father, son professors teach classes at AACC


Photo by Mary Kane

History professor Frank Alduino (left) and his son, adjunct sociology professor Anthony Alduino, both teach classes on AACC’s Arnold campus.

Isaiah Smith, Reporter

For history professor Frank Alduino and adjunct sociology professor Anthony Alduino, teaching at AACC runs in the family.

Frank Alduino teaches in the History, Philosophy and Political Science department, while Anthony teaches in Culture and Society. Philip Terry-Smith, who is interim chair over both departments, said the college has had two generations teaching at the same time before.

“It’s interesting having them both, but it’s not that unusual,” Terry-Smith said. “They are both independents teaching two different subjects.”

Anthony Alduino, who has a master’s degree from the University of Nottingham, is teaching Sociology of Sports this semester. His father has taught history and political science at AACC for 28 years and, according to his son, has been a mentor for the first-semester instructor.

“He’s been a mentor in a lot of ways,” the younger Alduino said. “From showing me how to do the attendance to giving me some teaching strategies, it’s always nice to have him there.”

But Anthony Alduino said he and his father have different styles when it comes to teaching.

“He’s a bit more conversational, and since it’s my first year here, I’m sort of going more from the book,” Alduino said of his father. “He’s the smartest person I know, so he has a lot more wealth [of knowledge] to draw from.”

He added: “It’s been interesting. I’ve been learning just as much, if not more than [my students], so it’s been quite the experience.”

Alduino’s father said having his son follow in his footsteps and teach alongside him means a lot to him.
“It’s incredible,” the elder Alduino said. “I’m remarkably proud of him. To have him come to me with questions and seeking advice is very special to me.”

Alduino said he tries to give his son good advice as he finds his footing as a teacher.

“I told him you have to do the basic things and be prepared,” Alduino said. “Expect the unexpected.”

One of the main tips Alduino has for his son: Enjoy the experience.

“I just hope that he has a passion for this and he’s happy doing what he does,” Alduino said. “I don’t think there’s anything worse than going to a job you hate.”

Terry-Smith said he hired the younger Alduino because he fit the qualifications for the job.

“As we would with any professor, they would have to have the appropriate credentials and be qualified to teach the particular subject matter,” Terry-Smith said.

Second-year business student and Sociology of Sports student Eric Waggoner said he likes having the younger Alduino as a teacher. “I enjoy the lectures,” he said. “They are usually pretty unique, along with the PowerPoints.”

First-year nursing student Julianna Fernandez said something similar about the more experienced Alduino.

“He made history exciting for his students,” she said. “He helped me enjoy it more and look at the world from a more curious perspective.”

The two Alduinos may have different styles of teaching, but Terry-Smith said he sees some qualities that are similar between the two men.

“They walk alike, they talk alike and they have similar personalities,” Terry-Smith said. “You can tell they are both Alduinos.”