Annual journal for arts displays college talent


Photo by Roxanne Ready

Ren Bishop, Amaranth’s editor-in-chief, speaks at the magazine’s release party on April 25.

Ashley Sokolowski, Reporter

The 43rd edition of AACC’s student-run literary journal came out on April 25.

Amaranth features poetry, songs, short stories and artwork from students and alumni.

“From the point of view of academics, it is great to be able to show students how skills that they learn in creative writing are applicable to producing something in the real world so they get a little bit of the business side of [it],” Dr. Garrett Brown, Amaranth faculty adviser, said.

Amaranth gets its funding from student fees.

“On a more personal note, it is really nice to have that experience of working with a group of students that are really just in love with creating something and being there to kind of help walk them through the process and make their vision of something … become reality,” Brown said. “It is just really rewarding.”

The journal’s staff hosted a release party for Amaranth 43 on April 25, featuring readings and performances by 11 of the published artists.

One of the presenters was second-year transfer studies student Poet Beasley, who designed the cover art for Amaranth.

“This is very much a product of the school,” Beasley said.

Ren Bishop, Amaranth’s editor-in-chief, said this issue feels personal.

Amaranth is available to students and faculty in Dr. Garrett Brown’s office, HUM 113F, and will be on campus newsstands in the next few weeks.