Trustees to vote on protests

Raquel Hamner, Photography Editor

AACC’s Board of Trustees will vote on a policy at its April 10 meeting to allow the college’s president to create guidelines for student protests and free speech.

The proposed Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly Policy says the board “supports the rights of individuals and groups to assemble, demonstrate and express their views for or against actions and opinions.”

Trustee Sandra Moore proposed the policy, which the board had scheduled for discussion at its March 21 meeting that it canceled because of snow.

SGA President Johnathan O’Dea called the policy “just the beginning. … I think it’s important that we have something like this because it gives the college direction.”

Student trustee Nyia Curtis agreed. “I think this is a way for students to … be able to advocate, and that’s a good thing because as citizens of the United States we have this right,” she said.