Casino dealer program ‘all in’ with free tuition


Photo by Raquel Hamner

Mohammad Zaidi (left), Taylor Williams (center-left), Joseph Williams-Overton (center-right) and Tanjanigua Swindell practice running games with each other in the Act 1 Blackjack Dealer class, Games 300.

Raquel Hamner, Photography Editor

Students who enroll in AACC’s casino dealer program can win scholarships of almost $1,000.

The Dealer School, which falls under AACC’s Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute, gives students 16 years or older training and certification to work at Maryland casinos.

Students new to the Dealer School can apply for the $871 Live! Casino & Hotel Scholarship. It will pay for two of the three classes needed to become certified at Maryland Live Casino: Blackjack Dealer and Carnival Games Dealer.

The scholarship does not cover supplies, including a dealer kit from the campus bookstore for $100. Students must also choose and pay for a third class to be able to work at a casino.

To apply for the scholarship, students must attend an information meeting to take a customer service quiz and a nine-question basic math test.

Rashanda Johnson, a Games 300 student, said she didn’t know about the scholarship because it is not mentioned in the catalog.

“On the website there is [mention of it], but not in the [catalog],” Johnson said.

Joseph William-Overton said he heard about the scholarship from a friend who received it.

AACC partnered with the Live Casino & Hotel to offer the scholarship.

“The scholarship will be open for students as long as we get funds for it,” said Jo Baughan, the program’s coordinator.

To register for an information meeting, students can search “Casino Dealer School” at