Performing Arts Dept. to showcase students

Sarah Noble, Co-Editor

AACC’s Performing Arts Department will present shows featuring dance, theater and opera this spring.
“I like that we have performing arts at AACC,” said Rae Supko, a second-year EMT major. “I think it’s a great opportunity for students to express themselves.”

Auditions for the May “Spring Migration” performance will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 23, in CADE 103. Judges will evaluate students on technique, performance quality, musicality and uniformity.
“[Uniformity] is really important because it isn’t a one-person team,” said Dance Director Lynda Fitzgerald. “It’s a company. We work together as a team.”
This spring, the company will visit the American College Dance Association Conference at West Chester University in Pennsylvania.
In March, international choreographer Carol Dilley will guest choreograph a routine for the spring performance. Later this spring, dancers will perform some of those pieces at a local elementary school.
“We get the kids up and moving with us, and it is so much fun,” Fitzgerald said.

The Theatre at AACC is recruiting students for a production team to work on a student-written play that the club has submitted to perform at the Capital Fringe Festival this summer.
The 13th annual festival—which showcases experimental theater—will be in July in Washington, D.C.
AACC students will perform student writer Jonas Pallaro-Sonneborn’s play, “Dragon Hunting Support Group.”
The Theatre at AACC will hold auditions in February for performers and is looking for directors, stage managers, and set, costume, lighting, sound and prop designers.
This is “an uncommon opportunity for budding theater artists,” said Sean Urbantke, assistant professor of theater for the Performing Arts Department.
In addition, theater students will take half-day trips to four-year universities to learn about the performing arts programs at Georgetown University, Catholic University of America, American University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Washington College. The Capital Fringe Festival will announce its 2018 participating companies in February.

Opera AACC is preparing to tour Madrid for a week in March.
Singers are already rehearsing the numbers that they will perform at several historic churches and theaters there.
The opera company will tour art museums during the trip.
“I get to sing solos in another country, and it is my first time leaving the country,” said Will Kuethe, president of the Opera AACC club.
Events and shows celebrating the 15th anniversary of the opera company will continue this spring.


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