What’s in; what’s out? Riverhawks weigh in

Sarah Noble , Co-Editor

AACC students said Crocs are out for 2018, but jogger pants are a returning trend.

In an informal survey of Campus Current editors and Winter Session students in January, nine out of 22 said the colorful, comfortable clogs are out.

So are: overly arched eyebrows, extreme contouring, gauge piercings, velvet, Millennial pink and fanny packs.
What’s in? VSCO, Vine 2, crop tops, galaxy prints, the color lavender and #metoo.

“I like UGGs and I think they should stay, but Crocs have to go,” said Micah Moten, a second-year mechanical engineering student. “[Crocs] have been here for too long.”

“I want UGGs to be cool for guys to wear,” said Jump Start student Aidan Siegel.

One student said she wants “more political-forward trends.”

“I want black to continue to be fashionable for the women in charge of #metoo,” first-year history major Kimberly Mae said.

According to the online pop-culture blog PopSugar, upcoming movies like “Oceans 8” and “A Wrinkle in Time,” with dominating female roles, will be trendy in 2018.

Others said they are excited to say good-bye to 2017’s top trends:

“[Fidget spinners] are so annoying,” said first-year nursing student Love Alana. “I can’t stand listening to them in class.”