Students celebrate Japanese and Korean cultures


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

The Japanese Language Club and Korean Culture Club celebrated both cultures in “Culture Day” on Nov. 2.

Emily Bailey, Reporter

The Japanese Language Club and the Korean Culture Club joined forces on Nov. 2 to combine both cultures in “Culture Day.”

The event included food, beverages and games from both the Japanese and Korean Culture.

The President of the Japanese Language club, third-year biology major, Coty Hines said he was happy to see the two cultures and clubs collaborate.

Hines said he believes it “would be really cool” to have more events like these on campus. “It’s cool to experience a culture other than American,” Hines said.

Joe Foughty, first-year business administration major and president of the Korean Culture Club, said he was surprised at the amount of people that showed up to the event.

Foughty said the event was put on “so people can see that the culture within the two regions can be different.”

Many students showed up to Foughty’s surprise.

“[It is] good that they had a combination of both clubs,” Arrey Thomas, first-year public health major, said. “There should be better ways to get the news out [regarding events like these].”

First-year pre-vet major, Ava Porter, said more events like “Culture Day” should take place on campus.

Porter said the event was “really cool,” and that she “enjoys learning about different cultures.”

She said she thinks “it’s awesome that we have access to [clubs like these].”

A slide show of one the member’s pictures from an abroad trip to Japan was displayed throughout the meeting.

Students and some faculty members who were there said they enjoyed getting a taste of another culture, as well as meeting new friends.

The Korean Cutlure Club meets every second Thursday from 4:30-6:30.