Bussiness Department host accounting night

Ryan Sullivan, Reporter

AACC’s Business Department hosted accounting night on Oct.26 where speakers gave advice about tips on tax dollars, financial aid and personal budgeting.

Accounting night featured a speaking engagement titled, “Finances for Your Future.”

The workshop allowed students to ask questions and gather financial information. This event featured three presenters from AACC’s School of Business and Law.

Roy Van Horn, a 20-year Navy veteran and business professor, started the session off with giving tips and strategies on making the most out of your tax dollars and your time. “Time is on your side,” Van Horn said twice during his presentation.

Professor Lawrie Gardner and professor Reb Beatty preceded Van Horn with presentations of their own.

Gardner, the Business Administration Department Chair, gave students information and advice on financial aid offered at AACC.

“I gave away about $10,000 in scholarship money today. We love giving away money to students who need it,” Gardner said.

Beatty showed students how to create a budget on Microsoft Excel and gave advice on personal budgeting. “Let money work for you,” said Beatty.

Students who attended the speech found all of the information helpful.

“[I came] partially for the extra credit that our professor is giving us,” Brandi Case, a sophomore financial accounting major, said.  Also because of personal budgeting, I am trying to buy a house.”

“I’m interested in the topics because I am a business major in accounting,” Paige Creek Abdullah, a sophomore majoring in business administration, said. “I think budgeting is a great life skill [to have].”