Students learn to shoot videos on smartphone

Hailey Williams , Reporter

An AACC media specialist alumnus taught students how to shoot professional videos using a smartphone on Sept. 26 at the Entrepreneurs Club.

Ed Sparks, a former AACC student, who has helped film many projects came in to teach the E-club how to properly shoot a video using a cell phone for an upcoming competition.

The competition is known as the “Big Idea”, where entrepreneurs have an opportunity to  showcase a unique or an original business idea.

When asked if the information was useful students agreed that it was.

“Yes, I would like to compete in the Big Idea competition and I like the fact that I can use [my] iPhone to do it,” said Maria Engel an inspiring entrepreneur.

Another attendee, Tyler Loh said “I liked it, he talked about how to use your phone, especially with the small details, like stabilizing the camera so I could definitely use that for my pitch idea.”

In the meeting, Sparks talked about camera orientation, stability, settings and memory, lighting, format, audio, and more general information about filming.

In order to participate in the Big Idea, the idea must be pitched in video form, no longer than two minutes and uploaded to the reviewers cite by October 26, where virtual judges will pick the winner on Nov. 16.

The winner will receive $1,000, second place will receive $500 and third place will win $250.