Culinary Club demonstrates how to make beer, cheese and wine


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Four HCAT students had the opportunity to make red table wine.

Sarah Sutherland , Campus Life Editor

The Culinary Club gave students the opportunity to watch a beer, cheese, and wine demonstration on Sept. 19.

HCAT instructional specialist and adviser of the Culinary Club Louise Nielsen organized the workshop to allow AACC students not in the HCAT program to experience the art of beer, cheese, and wine making.

“We found that a lot of people outside of this class were interested in beer, wine, and cheese making, so we decided to offer it through the culinary club as a workshop so that everybody in the school could come if they want to,” said Nielsen. “It also allows students in the food science class to get a little more involved in the hands-on portion.”

HCAT chef instructor David Ludwig showed students how to make Maibock, a certain type of beer, gluten-free oat beer, raspberry Lambic, “AACC” Havarti, “Glen Burnie” Gouda, a blended red table wine, and a blended white table wine.

Baking and pastry major Joseph Ero also conducted his own demonstration on making pork and duck liver pâté.

“I just like the whole fact that the meat came from the pig that we got last winter, so people can see it from start to finish,” said Ero. “A lot of people don’t get to see the behind the scenes.”

When asked about their favorite part of the demonstration, students responded eagerly.

“Cheese making definitely is my favorite, that’s my style and special interest,” said HCAT student Heather Tompkins. “Seeing what kind of outcome the cheese will be, I think that’s so fascinating.”

 Students were able to sample handmade pâté during the presentation.

 The Culinary Club is looking into hosting more workshops throughout the semester.


Photo by Brandon Hamilton
HCAT instructor, David Ludwig is showing a demonstration on how to make cheese.