Scott Kettner holds Brazilian Maracatu workshop


Photo by: Sarah Sutherland

Scott Kettner is holding a drumming workshop in honor of Hispanic Heritage month.

Sarah Sutherland , Campus Life Editor

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month Scott Kettner held a Brazilian Maracatu drumming workshop on Sept. 16.

Kettner is a drummer, percussionist, educator, and lead of the band Nation Beat who blends together the similarities of Northeastern Brazil and Southern United States music.

“Music is connected on every continent in every country on the planet, and hopefully I can shine a light on Brazil and the U.S. on how similar we are musically rather than focus on the differences,” said Kettner. “My purpose is to teach and perform, to encourage young and old people to get more involved in music and culture.”

Kettner lived in Brazil in 2001 and researched music, especially Maracatu, the style taught at the workshop.

Attendees had the ability to play with different types of drums as well as other instruments.

“A couple years ago I took a course in West African music and dance and we did some of the Brazilian drumming and I liked it,” said continuing education student Mary Smith. “I think it can raise people’s awareness — give them a chance to try something new, experience new cultures, new art forms and different forms of music.”

Ava Eder, last semester transfer student said her Spanish teacher recommended the workshop to her.

“It is important for AACC to have events like this to show how unique and interesting other cultures are, we should keep learning about them,” said Eder.

Kettner encouraged people to do everything they can do to support Hispanic Heritage, especially on college campuses.

“Go hear live music, support the arts of those cultures, reach out to them, and just be involved,” said Kettner.

Kettner teaches Brazilian Maracatu drumming workshops throughout the country, and performed Saturday evening with his band Nation Beat.

AACC professor Chris Ballengee invited Scott Kettner to hold the workshop as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Photo by: Sarah Sutherland
Scott Kettner handed out posters about the maracatu drumming.