Students prefer to rent books rather than buy


Photo by Roxanne Ready

Some students say that renting textbooks is cheaper than buying them.

Mary Brunal, Reporter

AACC students said in April they prefer to rent their textbooks rather than buying them.

In an informal poll of 20 students on campus, 14 said they rent their books, four said they buy new or used books, and two said they don’t do either and just go to the library to read the books there.

“I’m tired of wasting, like, $800 on books,” Alyse Gaist, a second-year transfer studies student, said.

A survey by the National Association of College Stores found college students spent less on textbooks between 2014 and 2015 than they did in the year before: $563 compared with $638.

The reason, the association’s research director, Elizabeth Riddle, said, is the increasing number of textbook rentals, second-hand book sales and digital alternatives.

Riddle added, “Students are just becoming much savvier in terms of their shopping experience.”

“Love the option,” Nora Vanpeppen, a second-year physical therapy major, said.

“[I] love the fact that I can rent my books for half the price,” Isabella Weavering, a third-year nursing student, said.

“[It’s] better than buying,” Dylan Panell, a second-year business administration major, said.

The students agreed that renting is better than buying books.

Students who buy new books will pay around $50 more per a book than if they rent, according to a Campus Current comparison of several books.

“[Renting textbooks is a] good option because not everyone has the money, but I still buy my books,” Lysa Wells, a first-year forensics major, said.

“I usually just rent my books because it’s usually cheaper than buying,” Lillie Peterson, a second-year undecided major, said.