AACC distributes crimes statistics report for 2016 school year

AACC distributes 2016 crime statistics report

James Haggerty, Co-Editor

Morgan Gordon
The 2017 Annual Security Report showed in July that 65 crimes occurred on AACC property last year.For the third year in a row, crime has decreased on the Arnold and Arundel Mills campuses. On the Glen Burnie Town Center campus, incidents dropped from 12 to seven in 2016 after doubling between 2014 and 2015, according to the report, published by the AACC department of Public Safety and Police. AACC’s Center for Cyber and Professional Training had one reported crime in 2016—disorderly conduct— and none in 2015.

On public property surrounding the three campuses, crimes decreased from 11 in 2015 to eight in 2016.
Larceny and theft were the most prominent crimes on the Arnold campus with 18 incidents in 2016, down
from 23 the year before.

The Arnold campus was the only campus to have any reported larcenies. Disorderly conduct was the second most common, with seven reported on the Arnold campus, one at Arundel Mills, one at the cybersecurity center and four at Glen Burnie.

Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer attributed the college’s low crime rate in part to the addition of one armed officer to the police force. AACC employs 10 armed officers. In addition, Kapfhammer said the lack of dorms on the campuses helps keep crime low. “The campus is safe,” said Kapfhammer. “Our job is to keep it that way.”
Some students said they feel safe on campus. “It’s pretty quiet,” said Jashaun Goodwin, a business administration major. “I feel safe coming to campus,” agreed Matt Vosburg, a business administration major.