Police get government technology


Brad Dress, Associate Editor

The government’s Department of Defense gave AACC’s Department of Public Safety & Police weapons and technology for free.

Police Chief Sean Kapfhammer said under the 1033 program, the department gives out unneeded equipment that they don’t need for free to police departments and agencies across the nation, by order of request.
Kapfhammer explained the department gave him nine Glock 23s, a box of digital cameras for surveillance and $1000 worth of medical equipment, all of which he got within a week. He explained he picks up the equipment at either Fort Meade, a military base near the Odenton and Severn area, or at another location in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

“It saves money for the college,” Kapfhammer explained. “It gets us stuff we might not have budgeted for. The better equipped we are, the better we are to serve the people.”

Kapfhammer said any local agency can apply for the program. Once officials explain why they need certain equipment and are accepted, a local coordinator will get the requested materials and supplies.

The department offers a wide range of things, from Humvees to computer equipment to golf carts. In the future, Kapfhammer said he would like to get color printers, electric vehicles and golf carts for his department.