New dining services wants input


Elizabeth Spearman , Campus Life Editor

AACC will have a taste testing for the new dining services on May 4 in SUN 102.

On Thursday, May 4 the dining services will give students, faculty and staff an opportunity to sample the new company, CDL Inc., food. There will be a maximum of 25 people in each of the six 30 minute slots starting from 11:00 and ending at 1:00. To participate in the food tasting email Steve Pegg, the director of auxiliary services, by May 4.

CDL Inc., runs a food venue at the College of Southern Maryland and will most likely take the place of the Hawk’s Nest Grill & Deli by June 30.

Pegg said CDL has proposed serving buffet-style, and will sell by weight, which can help students control how much they spend.

Both Wanda Grace and Dan Gechter, the two managers of The Hawk’s Nest since 2000 and 2001 are retiring on June 30. AACC officials told the pair they want to hire an outside company because it will not be the same without them.

Pegg, Grace, Christine Storck, the director of student engagement, and AACC’s Executive Director of Finance Andrew Little will review the tasters’ feedback.

The email should simply state your first and last name, rather you’re a student, faculty or staff and what time you would like to sign up for.