Want to get away with cheating? Here’s how


Photo by Brandon Hamilton

Students use various ways to cheat, such as writing on skin, copying tests and storing answers on Apple watches.

Elizabeth Spearman , Campus Life Editor

From scribbling test answers on a water bottle label to buying term papers online, AACC students said they have plenty of ways to get away with cheating.

Jake Edwards, a second-year transfer student, wrote English definitions on the inside of a label on a water bottle and carried the drink, undetected, into a test.

“I only did it once, but I’m pretty sure that I could get away with it again,” Edwards said.

One third-year graphic design student said she paid a website called College-Paper.org to write a history paper for her with one week’s notice.

“I knew I would not have time to do the paper between work and doing an even bigger project,” she said. “So I heard about the website from a friend and decided to use it. I got the paper back on time and got a B.”

For the right amount of money, a number of websites offer students easy access to academic papers written just for them.
According to The Atlantic magazine, those services have claimed 70 percent of students have used writing services at least once.

A few students said some professors do not care if students cheat. Some said professors “basically give out answers to students.”

“I once had a teacher who would give review packets and the tests would be the same as the review packets,” first-year student Hannah Nicholas said. “Even though it is not technically cheating, I still thought it was [cheating] just a little.”

Another student said his professor was oblivious to when students would cheat off each other during exams.
According to the Campus Current survey of 428 students, 43 percent said they think they can get away with cheating at AACC.

Some other ways students said they can get away with it is: writing answers on their skin, putting answers in calculators and storing information in Apple watches.