Women’s laccrosse bounces back with victory


James Whitley, Sports Editor

AACC’s Women’s Lacrosse team played against Community College of Baltimore County Essex, winning 21-7 on April 4.

The Riverhawks bounced back after losing to Howard Community College, putting their record at 6-2 for this season.

Freshman midfielder Alyssa Baronella-O’Toole scored six goals, while freshman midfielder Madeline Szanyi lead the team with four assists.

Kara Steir, defense, said she felt pretty good about the team’s performance but there is a lot to work on.

“Just taking care of the ball and moving the ball around,” Steir said. “Defensively, just communicating more.”

Steir said the national tournament is still in sight. “If we try hard enough,” Steir said. “We have to want it, to win it.”

Sidney Hinkle, defense, said she felt the team worked really well in transition but feels there is room for improvemnt.

“Not making a mistake turn into another mistake,” Hinkle said.

Just like Steir, Hinkle said the national tournament is still achievable.

“If [the team] continues what we’re doing and working hard and getting better every practice, we’re gonna be here in May,” Hinkle said.

AACC will host the National Junior College Athletic Association Women’s Lacrosse national tournament May 13-14 at Siegert Field.