College transfer advisers visit AACC


Elizabeth Spearman, Campus Life Editor

AACC hosted its annual Transfer Advising Day on Monday.

Students had the opportunity to talk to representatives from 40 different colleges about their various transfer programs.

“I think this helps students figure out what their next step will be after AACC,” said art education major, Makayla Kogut. “I feel the school should have this maybe twice a semester, with different colleges in attendance.”

College representatives were able to answer students’ questions and talk to them about any concerns they have when it comes to transferring.

“Most of the questions we get are, what is the maximum and minimum credits does a student need, how many transfer students are there and what is needed to attend the college,” undergraduate admission counselor Elizabeth Davis said.

“Since The Universities at Shady Grove is so small, a lot of people that is not from that area have not heard of it,” Tirza Bartels, admissions coordinator said. “Coming here [AACC] is a great opportunity for me to tell students about the school and the benefits we offer.”

For other students it was an opportunity to talk to schools they already applied to and meet the admission counselor face to face.

“I got into both UMBC and University of Maryland College Park, so this gave me the perfect chance to talk to both of the counselors and see what my next move is,” Jasmine Wormley, third semester art student said.

AACC host Transfer Advising Day every year in the spring semester.