AACC not looking to settle early in lawsuit

Jesse Johnson , Editor-In-Chief

AACC did not offer to settle early in a lawsuit brought by a former administrator who said he was discriminated by the school because of his gender.

In a letter submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Richard D. Bennett by AACC’s attorney Steven D. Frenki on Feb.14, AACC said the college is not “presently making a joint request for an early settlement.”

Dr. Richard Cerkovnik, a former AACC faculty member and administrator, sued AACC for almost $2.4 million on Nov. 30, claiming the college passed him over for promotions in favor of “less-qualified” female candidates.

AACC responded to Cerkovnik’s complaint on Jan 30, and asked a U.S. District Court judge to throw out the lawsuit while denying every claim made by Cerkovnik.

Cerkovnik and AACC will wait to learn the judge’s decision before proceeding with the next phase of the case.