Health Services confirm campus influenza cases


Piper Lewis, Digital Editor

An AACC nurse confirmed multiple cases of the flu at the beginning of the spring semester.

Health Services Registered Nurse Patricia Spence said the flu has hit both students and faculty.
Spence said student and staff members have missed classes due to flu symptoms.

“A common mistake students make is thinking that once they have a flu shot they’re totally covered,” said Spence. “A vaccine does not solely prevent the flu or guarantee that you won’t get sick.”

Flu symptoms include: high-grade fever, stuffy nose, nausea, chills and sweats, fatigue, muscle aches, cough, headache, and loss of appetite.

Chris Martin, a first-year architecture major, said he allows his immune system to strengthen itself naturally.

“I don’t believe in flu shots, I’ve never had one and I’ve never had the flu,” Martin said.
Spence said getting lots of rest and reducing stress are extremely important, but often difficult for college students. She said it is important to stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet.

Additionally, Spence said college students are some the most susceptible parties to the flu.

Flu shots are not available on campus, but AACC Health Services can help anyone looking for locations administering this year’s vaccine.

“If you feel sick or have any flu symptoms, you really shouldn’t be here,” Spence said. “Go home and rest.”