Campus Current staff has tips for surviving the spring semester


Campus Current staff

Welcome back to AACC; we know the fall semester of 2016 was a rough one, according to social media. Here at Campus Current we have come up with a few tips to not only help you survive this spring semester, but make it easier, too.

Tip 1. This is basic, but essential to surviving college. Be organized, not only with the assignments from class, but with your due dates and future test dates. Write all upcoming assignments and test dates down. This will keep you prepared for what’s ahead and you won’t miss any big assignments. Invest in a calendar or planner, or even download the Google Calendar app, whichever you prefer. It’s a life saver!

Tip 2. This one may be uncomfortable for some students, but it pays off in the long run. Make friends with your classmates or at least connections. Exchanging phone numbers or social media usernames with your classmates comes in handy when you forget a due date or need help with an assignment. Having connections in the classroom helps make your courses more fun, and it is never a bad thing to be social. Sharing your anxiety about a test or big assignment with your peers is great because they are feeling the same way. This lowers your nervous feelings as well as theirs, killing two birds with one stone.

Tip 3. Along those lines, but perhaps more daunting: Interact with your professors. They are here to help you. Your professors know the course better than anyone; that’s why they are teaching it. Professors are “chalk” full of helpful hints and ideas. Don’t be afraid to approach them after class; they love talking to their students, and may even delay a due date or test date if you have developed a good relationship expressing your desire to succeed in their class. Professors also are usually happy to write letters of recommendation when it comes time to transfer, but they don’t write them for students they don’t know.

Tip 4. This may seem obvious considering that just about every student owns a smart phone. Download the Canvas app. The app allows for easy access to your assignments, test dates, quizzes and any PowerPoints your professor may have uploaded. Many professors upload their lecture notes and PowerPoints onto Canvas. The Canvas app allows students to study these notes and presentations at the palm of your hand right up to the minute before your test begins. The app also allows you to take a quiz on your phone when you are stretched for time and can’t make it to a computer.

Tip 5. This could be strenuous for some and seem pointless to others, but trust us; it’s worth it. Bring your textbooks, notebooks, coursework and handouts to school. Yes, textbooks are heavy and often professors say to leave them at home, but they come in handy when you need to reference course material during class. Carrying all your handouts and coursework helps you to never forget assignments at home. Missed assignments kill grades.

We hope you find these tips useful, and that they will help you breeze through the spring semester and into the summer break.