Current Perspective: New voter: ‘It’s my right’


Photo by Jesse Johnson

First Time voter Jessica Lease relaxes in the quad.

Jessica Lease, Guest Columnist

I am 19 years old and a sophomore at AACC. This year’s election will be my first time voting.

I am going to vote because I have the right to vote.

I am a strong believer in using that right because of the amount of people who fought for us to have it.
Many people think that their one vote will not have a great impact and it “doesn’t matter,” but if everyone thought that, then the candidates would only be chosen by the elite.

For the presidential debate, I obviously look at the national issues we have. I always rate the issues I feel most strongly about and find the candidate who shares my views the most.

If this were not a presidential election year, I would still vote for the local candidates. I think it is just as important because those nominees are the people who affect my daily life.

Many people forget that the state and local candidates, such as governors, are the ones who create the laws, funding and policies that affect us daily.

I usually follow the candidates online and the debates on TV. It is actually pretty easy to find credible information online. The candidates, both local and national, have campaign websites that I find very informative and helpful.

It is important for other students to pay attention to the campaign. Doing research and paying attention to the campaign can help them choose the candidate who supports their views.

The media, parents, friends and others can put an opinion in your head of a candidate who does not support your views.

Still, I will vote for the candidate who does support my views.

Lease is a sophomore transfer studies major.