Gavin appointment breaks precedent


Photo by Zach Tennant

Dr. Michael Gavin in action as the new Vice President for Learning.

Cody Colston, Editor-In-Chief

President Dawn Lindsay named Dr. Mike Gavin AACC’s vice president for learning on Sept. 6 after choosing to forgo a search for other candidates.

Gavin, who has served as interim vice president for learning since February, was the associate vice president for learning and academic affairs since 2014.

In an email to faculty, Lindsay said Gavin “has proven himself an excellent fit for this position and has impressed many with his leadership style. His approach has brought people together in a unified manner as part of our strategic plan.”

As president, Lindsay may appoint any vice president or associate vice president. Lindsay consulted with The Faculty Organization (TFO), consisting of AACC faculty members, before deciding to appoint Gavin.

The general consensus among the faculty “was that it was a good idea not to do the search,” said Susan Kilgard, a communications professor and TFO representative, who informally polled her colleagues about the search.

Traditionally, AACC’s Human Resources department would form a committee of faculty members and administrators to conduct a nationwide search for a new vice president. That committee also could have searched among existing AACC faculty and staff for candidates. A third option would be for AACC to hire a third-party contractor to conduct the search, which could cost up to $50,000.

“It feels really good to be supported by the staff.” Gavin said of his appointment.