Missing: College enthusiasm, spirit among AACC community


Photo taken by Zach Tennant

Editor-in-Chief Cody Colston (top) and Associate Editor Jesse Johnson (bottom) in action in the newsroom.

Walking around the AACC campus, we’ve heard quite a bit of resentment toward the college. Why is that?

AACC has won numerous awards and honors for its programs, faculty, resources and student engagement. AACC is a nationally recognized community college by the Carnegie Foundation, Minority Access Inc. and more. AACC’s quality of education is on-par with many four-year universities.

So while it’s not the four- year institution that your friends go to, the AACC faculty, staff and students bring the vibe of a university to you for a fraction of the cost.

Too many AACC students don’t realize that.

We get it: You’re here to come to class and then go home. You don’t make any attempt to be social or get involved in the community.  That’s OK; How involved you get is your choice.

The editors and reporters at the Campus Current have chosen to engage with our school. As a group, we feel a great pride for AACC, not only because of the faculty and staff, but because of the student body—including   students who appreciate where they attend school and those who don’t.  In fact, the more engaged we become, the greater our school spirit. The more sports, student involvement activites or clubs you participate in can not only inspire you but inspire others around you.

You can make a difference in your community, your school. If we’re going to attend a renowed community college, why not leave our own mark on campus.

We’re not asking you to get involved in every event that AACC puts on. We’re just saying there’s no reason for you to shame—or to feel ashamed of—the great institution that you’re attending. AACC has a lot to offer whether it be sports, clubs or interests of your own. Why not make it your own?

This college is a part of your community. Shaming it is the same as degrading your neighborhood. There are so many articles of clothing and accessories floating around campus with the Maryland flag stamped on them.

AACC is a part of what makes Maryland so great. AACC pride is the same as Maryland pride.

Now, where’s your pride?