SNL comedian comes to AACC


Photo by Zach Tennant

Jon Rudnitsky became a featured player on Saturday Night Live on Aug. 31, 2015, and departed the show in August 2016.

Khadean Coombs, Entertainment Editor

The talent of former Saturday Night Live star Jon Rudnitsky, who headlined a back-to-school comedy show on campus Sept. 2, held true to AACC’s reputation for bringing quality talent to its students.

Comedian Jake Nordwind, Rudnitsky’s opening act, started things out with a high-energy set. Nordwind came out dancing to upbeat hip-hop music, instantly setting the tone that the audience was in for a treat.

Throughout the performance, Nordwind was constantly active with the audience and toward the end of his set, Nordwind spontaneously invited a fan onstage and had him call his mother, showing how well the comic can improvise parts of his set.

Following the opening set, Nordwind introduced his “best friend” Rudnitsky. Rudnitsky was extremely active with the crowd, just as Nordwind was, giving many of the student audience members a chance to spill the dirt on our school.

After a few dirty jokes that weren’t so easy on the ears, Rudnitsky turned it around with a bit featuring his Donald Trump impression and a personal story about his weekend with the presidential candidate.

Rudnitsky followed up by impersonating Matthew McConaughey, capturing the actor’s famous “all right, all right, all right” catchphrase. Rudnitsky also added a few character skits to his bit, such as “DJ working at Chipotle,” and “son of a break dancer.” While neither of the skits was overly appealing, the music he included in the bits got the crowd pumped up and involved. It was a highlight of the night.

Rudnitsky closed the show with his “Dirty Dancing “skit, which he did on SNL. Aside from a few stale jokes, Rudnitsky and Nordwind proved to be comedic gold for the college crowd.

After he got off stage, Nordwind told Campus Current he tells a different kind of joke at a college than he does at a comedy club.

“College seems to be tighter or stuck up when it comes to certain jokes,” he said. “Either that, or some jokes, they merely don’t get or they get but it is on a different level.”