Variety Show


Abigail Coale

The Campus Activities Board’s Variety Show will be held on April 24 from 7 to 10 p.m. in HUM 112.

Abigail Coale, Reporter

Come out and see your talented fellow classmates at 7PM on April 24th in AACC’s Variety Show, sponsored by the Campus Activities Board. Held in HUM 112, the show will showcase many talented singers, comedians, dancers, and more – including comedian and MC Eric O’Shea and up-and-coming musician Mitch Clark from Nashville.
While discussing auditions, Leslie Cook, CAB Advisor and Student Life Specialist, said, “It takes a lot of courage to see a flyer and actually come and sit in front of judges and perform.”

Poet DeAndre Williams was one of few courageous students to audition.
“I saw some people auditioning and thought, ‘maybe I should try.’ [I know] I’m going to have fun,” says Williams. “My family will come out and have a good time. The whole process of getting ready is going to be a great time. We’re like a family.”
But why come and see the show?
Cook says she knows everyone will enjoy this end-of-the-year project. “It will be a good time!” she says. “There will be something for everyone this year at the variety show.”