The Reinvention of the Soapbox Sisters

Jaso Bolay, Editor

Morgan Talbot performed Gloria Steinem, "Living the Revolution" during last year's performance of Soapbox Sisters.
Morgan Talbot performed Gloria Steinem, “Living the Revolution” during last year’s performance of Soapbox Sisters.

The Soapbox Sisters speeches will be reinvented and performed on March 26 by a select number of female students for the fifth year at AACC in celebration of Women’s History Month.

The Soapbox Sisters is an “annual performance by members of the AACC community of speeches delivered by women from diverse backgrounds and occupations both past and present, whose world deeds have helped to shape history in positive ways,” said Carolin Woolson, Women’s Institute Events coordinator.

In past years, the Soapbox Sisters have been performed on a podium in the Quad on the East Campus of the Arnold location, but this year things are changing.

This year, to enhance the performance, it will take place in Humanities 112 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. so they can add in visual effects such as videos and photos.

“Last year’s performance featured speeches by women such as Hillary Clinton, Toni Morrison, Kathleen Hanna from the band “Bikini Kill”, Sojourner Truth and Gloria Steinem,” said Woolson.

“Ideas of Beauty” by Lupita Nyong’o, “Gender Equality” by Emma Watson and speeches by Malala Yousafzi, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are amongst the roster.

The idea of the Soapbox Sisters is to not only empower the young women performing but to encourage the audience members as well.

“The speeches are powerful reminders that one person can really make a difference,” said Woolson.

Woolson and the co-directors April Copes and Haley Draper hope that their audience will walk away with the understanding that their voice and their actions can help create a movement.

“We hope to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of women’s struggles around the world as well as highlight the continuing relevance or women’s rights and issues including some that activists have organized around for over a century,” said Copes.